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 The Happystack Home

All you need is love, a cat and Happystack.

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WiseWhisker proudly manufactures in the USA. All components, labor and fulfillment are produced, assembled and packaged at our location in the heartland of America. We are a family owned and operated company. The Happystack Collection is our featured design. These specialty pet homes are designed as 3-stack units which are very easy to assemble and are nestable, allowing you to place the smaller units inside of each larger unit. This creates a storable basket that is lightweight and easy to transport. They are also designed with a unique corner hinge, which allows you to take each panel apart so that it can also be stored flat. Its pyramidal shape gives it stability allowing cat to climb and scratch the sides.

We've put your pet's happiness and safety at the forefront of our minds while designing our specialty Pet Homes. Our goal is to create a wonderful place of safety, adventure and rest for your animal, while providing an attractive addition to your home's decor.

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My name is Jeanne Hall and I am the Founder and creator of HAPPYSTACK®. Our specialty Pet Homes grew out of a desire to provide shelter for one of my rescued cats, Buddy. 


This is Buddy’s story: He had been abused, was hungry, scared and initially very cautious of me. Buddy was a beautiful Siamese/Tabby with crossed blue eyes and, unfortunately, declawed so he was unable to defend himself but yet he refused to live inside. His escape tactics were legendary!  It was when Buddy had a very scary close encounter with a coyote, I knew from that harrowing experience that I had to build a safe haven for him.


It was from the chaos of that situation that the HAPPYSTACK® was born.  Buddy is gone now but he will always have that special place in my heart and I am so grateful for his time in my life because he inspired me to create and provide kitties everywhere with their own HAPPYSTACK®.


My current kitty love, "Happy", strayed into my life after discovering a HAPPYSTACK® sitting on my deck and he decided to stay. Happy overcame his fear of me once he realized he could play, feel safe and even escape through the abundance of levels and entry holes. Happy had the perfect kitty fort for protection and sleep. An outdoor cat at the time, when I finally let him spend the night, little did I know that my life would be a continuous adventure with live rabbits, woodpeckers, pigeons, mice and of course raccoons that Happy likes to bring into the house for me to meet, catching and releasing his little friends is always a challenge.  Happy has a HAPPYSTACK® inside and outside, his 'Happy House' of joy. I can honestly say that he's ​one 'happy cat'!


We have turned the manufacturing and distributing into a family project making HAPPYSTACK® available for cats to finally have a home of their own, a place of protection, fun and rest.


Our story is continually evolving, and our history is diverse, stick around, there’s more to come.

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