Kitty Christmas tree is a MUST HAVE! Spare your real tree's destruction this year and gift your cat some fun and safe entertainment this Christmas with their own cat tree! (ribbon and toys not included) Grey Happystack Hexagon.


Does your cat like to hide?! Is your kitty skittish, shy, fearful, or feel anxious at times?!

Our award winning cat house furniture design has helped cats across the country and recently across the globe build confidence! Give your cat a secure house of their own to feel safe and comfortable!


FREE SHIPPING anywhere within the continental US (Note: any orders to Hawaii, Alaska or outside the continental US, shipping will be added).   1 Free Name Plate Included (optional).


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Our mission is to provide quality products that your cat will love! Your kitties could have many hours of fun and exploration with a Happystack! Our Happystack® products include different shapes (Square and Hexagon), colors, patterns, and a couple different doorway sizes to ensure that you have plenty of options for your cat.

Your cat(s) will love HAPPYSTACK!  Why your cat(s) need a Happystack Hexagon:

-- The Hexagon design is wider than the Square design and has more floor space for your cat(s) to play, climb, hide, sleep, and lounge!  This Happystack has a very modern design with a trellis pattern to add to your home décor! 

-- The patented pyramidal shape of the Happystack gives flexibility and stability for climbing and scratching of every surface by one or more kitties. Stack units together or stand separately.  Cats and kittens can climb, hide, play, and scratch through four levels or sleep in any level! 

-- Happystacks offer fun at many levels with 4 floors (after stacked) and 9 holes to climb and play through.  Outside surface has carpet for scratching across all levels - thick scratching posts all over which makes for a happy cat and saves your walls and furniture!  PUUURFECT!

-- Our fit and slide corner hinge helps make assembly of your cat house easier and has a patent pending! Align the arrows and slide - that's it!  There is nothing else like it! 

-- Happystacks can support small or large cats (up to 25 lbs), are durable, and are made to endure constant play by one or multiple cats.  Happystacks can be used inside and outside (only under a covered patio or area).  Our products are made in the USA with materials sourced in the USA!  

-- Our award winning design helps fearful cats decrease anxiety by giving them a feeling of safety in a secure hideaway.  Happystack is great for scared, skittish, afraid or anxious cats that need a safe haven, a place where they feel confident in their own kitty home hideaway. Happystacks were originally developed for cats who hide under a bed or in a room - shy cats need a safe place like Happystack. 

Add this modern cat house to your home décor! Made in the USA! Easy to assemble and disassemble.  Units can be nested together by placing smaller units inside larger unit, creating a storable basket which is lightweight for ease of transportation. The panels are connected using a corner hinge that can be taken apart to allow units to lay flat for storage.

~  Pet Product News - Editors' Choice Award Winner. "In 2020, we selected the finalists for the Editors’ Choice Awards, and, this month, we’re excited to present the very best products from that field of finalists, products that have earned an Editors’ Choice Award."  

~  Global Pet Expo (Orlando, FL) - Won Fear Free 2019 Best New Product for reducing fear, anxiety, and stress in felines. Happystack can be used as a confidence builder for shy or fearful cats, providing comfort for those needing security or a safe haven. 

~  Featured in New York Lifestyle Magazine 2020.

****Additional custom name plates also be purchased in our shop to personalize your new cat house -

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Happystack® HEXAGON Dimensions:

3 unit stack: 41”H Top: 16” x 16” Base: 26” x 26”

Small unit: 14.5”H Top: 16” x 16” Base: 20” x 20” Inside height: 13"

Medium unit: 14.5”H Top: 19” x 19” Base: 23” x 23” Inside height: 13"

Large base: 14.5”H Top: 22” x 22” Base: 26” x 26” Inside height: 14" Diagonal: 30”

Doorways: 5.5”W x 8”H (2 panel doorways 1 top access doorway each unit)
THESE DOORWAYS ARE THE SIZE OF THE AVERAGE CAT DOOR. MOST cats will fit. For those cats wanting more doorway space, we have a wider doorway option, available only on the SQUARE design, on our shop page. We can not make a wider door on the HEXAGON.

There is no wood floor in the units, which allows for nesting of individual units inside of larger units.  Your cat's favorite cat bed should fit within the Happystack (oversized beds may not fit).


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¡Nuestra misión es proveer productos de buena calidad que su gato amara! ¡Sus gatitos podrán tener muchas horas de juego y exploración con un HappyStack! Nuestros productos de HappyStack incluye diferentes formas (cuadrado y hexágono), colores, patrones, y diferentes tamaños para las entradas de puertas asegurando que tenga diferentes opciones para su gato.