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NEW WIDE DOORWAY option! These round doorways add a modern look, while providing wider doorways for larger kitties. 


HAPPYSTACK is a unique, one of a kind, pyramidal shape cat house. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble with corners that fit and slide together and 3 lids that screw on to secure each unit. Each single unit can stand individually or can be stacked on top of each other to create 3 levels of fun.


The modern and stylish look complements home decor. Also, if kept out of the rain, it is durable enough for a covered outdoor patio, deck or barn.


Happystack is also great for fearful cats that need a safe haven, a place where they feel confident in their own kitty home hideaway.

SQUARE - 3 STACK - Wider Doorways

$169.00 Regular Price
$135.20Sale Price
  • All materials were carefully chosen with a lot of thought and purpose and are sourced here in America. All are safe, non-toxic and are made from the same home building materials that go into your furniture and home. This unique carpet makes the entire stack scratchable. The sloped slides create stability and allows cats to easily climb the outside.

    The exterior carpet is made from recycled water bottles. The material fiber is polyester. It's very durable, low pile, and water resistant which makes it great for indoor OR outdoor use (recommend under a covered patio, out of direct moisture, for extended life of the unit since there is wood on the interior). It works well for scratching because it is low pile and doesn't shred like most cat trees.

    The interior wood is MDF, Medium Density Fiberboard, which is engineered wood composite made of hardwood and softwood. It is dense, sturdy, and performs much better than other natural woods. It is pressed in production creating dense sheets that remain stable in all weather conditions. It is kept natural and not painted so it is nontoxic.


all you need is cat love happystack.jpg


Lakin, Ks.

“The Happystack has quickly become our cats favorite place to sleep, play and lounge. The assembly was simple and the design is sturdy and has held up well for us. We love our Happystack and wholeheartedly recommend it!”


Rogers, Ar.

“I have two cat stacks. One downstairs and one upstairs by the window. My cats love to play hide and seek with all the cut outs and different levels. They also watch the birds from their two favorite perches. It’s so much fun to watch them play!”


Gentry, Ar.