The 'Lil Dog' House is the perfect size for little dogs or cats that need a secure place to sleep or hide. There's room to place a personal bed or blanket inside to create a cozy snuggle cave. Also add a bed or blanket on top for a higher view. Provides security and a quiet spot for your fur-babies to rest and sleep.


Easy to assemble and disassemble for transportation or storage. With our patented lightweight design and the fit and slide corner hinge there is nothing else like it! Soft carpet exterior prevents slipping and is durable for indoor or outdoor use under a covered patio. Built with safe, non-toxic materials. Add this piece to your home decor for your fur-babies to enjoy! Made in USA!


Your little dog or cat will love! Proud to be 100% manufactured in the USA, family owned and operated.

The 'Lil Pet' House

  • All materials were carefully chosen with a lot of thought and purpose and are sourced here in America. All are safe, non-toxic and are made from the same home building materials that go into your furniture and home. The exterior is a durable non piling indoor/outdoor carpeting. This unique carpet makes the entire stack scratchable and slip proof. The sloped slides create stability. The interior is made of unfinished wood, making it is safe with no harmful toxins.