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Shy, Scared, or Fearful Cats Love Happystack!

Shy, Scared, or Fearful Cats Love Happystack!

Three Cats Playing

3-Stack Cat Tower


Provide your cat with a place to play, scratch, climb, and nap with Wisewhisker’s Happystack®, 3-stack cat condo. We provide a variety of options for our cat condos. Discover which one will work for your feline friend today.

What Happystack® Is Right for Your Kitty?

Only you know your cat well enough to know which Happystack® is right for them. Our mission is to provide quality products that your cat will love. Our Happystack® products include different shapes, colors, patterns, and a couple different doorways sizes to ensure that you have plenty of options for your cat.

Our products are also easy to assemble and disassemble so that your cat has constant hours of fun and exploration. You can swivel each stack so that windows and doorways line up or are in separate areas from each other. You can also personalize your 3-stack cat tower with a custom nameplate. Our Happystack® products are perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.

🏆 Award Winning & 5 Star Rated
🇺🇸 Handmade in the USA
©️ Patented Design
🐈 Play and Security for Multiple Cats
✔️ Non-Toxic Materials
😻 Scratch, Climb, Hide, Play, Sleep, Exercise, and Learn
⛺ Indoor / Outdoor Use Under Covered Area | Heavy Duty
🐱 Large or Small Cats (cats up to 25 lbs.)


Three French Bullgod Puppies
Dog on Blue

The 'Lil Dog' House

We couldn't leave out the DOGS! When we realized how much small dogs loved HAPPYSTACK, we had to create a house just for them! This house provides a secure safe space for small dogs to nap or sleep. Add a personal bed and blanket to create a warm cozy snuggle cave!

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